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This makes for a chart which is uniquely tailored to each person. The placement of the houses is determined by the time of birth along with the place of birth. It's easy to see from the above diagram that if the earth were to rotate twenty degrees more, the whole zodiac would move clockwise, changing the Ascendant from Cancer to Leo. The earth rotates approximately one degree every four minutes, so an error in birthtime of only fifteen minutes would cause the placement of Midheaven and Ascendant and consequently all the houses to be off almost four degrees.

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Transits are the positions of the sun, moon and planets charted for any point in time after birth. Transits are used to forecast a person's future events, to examine the present or to review any event in the past. In a combination chart such as this, the house cusps of the natal chart always predominate.

As a result, the natal house cusps are notated outside both wheels. The beginnings of each zodic sign are usually not included in chart notation. By referring to the degree and minute of each sign on the house cusps, the user can easily approximate where the zodiac signs begin and end. Events are predicted through the relationship of transiting planets to natal planets. Whenever a transiting planet lines up with a natal planet, a significant event may occur in a person's life. These lineups are called aspects, and they form the basis of astrological interpretation.

Since there are different ways that planets may line up with each other, there are different types of aspects. Curious: I wonder if there is some sort of confirmation bias going on here at a low level. Vincent Libras are associated with truth and balance.

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There is a very tiny grain of truth at the core of sun signs seasons do have some effect on personality, both because of nature and nurture , but the entire prediction sequence built up around that, and associating it with stars in the sky, is as bunk as bunk can get. As Dan Dennett points out in Breaking the Spell, the evolutionary psychology of believers in the supernatural is science cit. The plural of guessing is not evidence- the plural of guessing is folk wisdom.

For that matter, are you talking about season, or month? So if you were born in Australia but later moved to the northern hemisphere, would you look at the horoscope for your actual sign or shift your birthdate by 6 months? Even if there was some grain of truth to seasonal correlations with personality, the fact that Astrology tries to explain it using the alignment of celestial bodies makes it not scientific. It appears to me that the points made by Vince and April are pretty worthy ones while the points made by Tony and Cathy are more dubious I think Kirk tried to point that out in whatever language it is he communicates.

For that matter, does anyone think that Vincent in particular and April to a slightly lesser extent are making non-compelling arguments? I think the other explanations regarding semantic misunderstanding or just having a vague sense of the terms explains a lot. Although are there intelligent people who believe that young earth creationism is scientific?

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Because the latter would be irrational, and everyone knows humans are always rational! Which is, we see God.

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But I think it highlights the phenomena at play. I think what happens is people recognize science is valuable but avoid the issue of what makes something scientific. Of course I bet Santorum is down lower on the wordsum score as it were. I think you get into a battle between values in the strict sense of the word and reason. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy.

This truth is challenging to communicate as it is its own language and unique to each person. Truth as experienced by the younger generations is very different than the truth of older generations. There is an overlap but the youth in general are operating on a different spectrum. We have allowed ourselves to be governed by fear that keeps us small. However, energy works in mysterious ways. They may not appear radical on the outside but may be radical on the inside.

Your intuition may go against what you have heard or read and you may need to be the one who is the radical non-conformist as you begin to trust your own truth. This is the beginning of a huge revolution of thought and belief. Do you really need it? Where are you acting automatically like a programmed robot?

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  4. Question everything. This will lead to untangling the web of beliefs you are trapped in and will make room for experiences of truth.

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    That is an interim step in the process. Trust your intuition. They will also affect your emotions and instincts. Watch yourself as you try and make someone see things your way. Make sure your communication of truth is not masquerading as resentment, anger or judgment. We tend to take things out on our bodies and not treat them very well.

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    This may require some soul searching and looking at truth that is personal only to you. A shake up is often necessary in order to get things back on track. More is not always better. It is the quality of what we have, how we work, and what we believe to be true that matters most. At the same time, allow yourself to spend on what you really want. Think quality instead of quantity. Have a wonderful month!