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I explained to Mr. John, the interview was actually about memes, not Mars. Closing out, he did utter some idealistic yet strangely whimsical sentences pertaining to the nature of memes in such a rapidly advancing societal environment. He paused, thinking quite melodically, stating,. Comedy is utilised to enlighten, contest, encourage and uplift through laughter and contemplation. Secondly, people download your music for free. Anyway, life before the meme was such as that on Mars, or so we are told by our elders.

However, everything the meme is, has been pre-dated and preexisted by another conceptualisation of the meme itself. So, what was it? Quite simply, jokes were told in conversation superseding any barrier of social-networking. These jokes were copied, then repeated, only to be told time and time again, utilising words to serve as punchlines creating moments purely relevant to the situation. It was reactive and fast-paced, always looking to best serve the moment. Minutes later forgotten, only to be bought up time and time again.

Social outings in fact had nothing to do with anybody's smartphones or what was on the instabooks. With any change, humans create these various nostalgic dispositions. Which creates opportunities in itself, relishing in the glory days. Drawing their inspiration for the name, logo and creative process from the comedic icon himself. This idea has only been growing bigger since then. Season one follows classic lines from Will Ferrell. They stretch well beyond any idea of an alternative film poster, as the focus is in emanating the re-action that originally stirred when hearing it all for the first time, a reaction that people seemed to connect with so much.

The seasonal changes are influenced by what our consumers want. Currently working through season two, we really want to establish just how drastic our changing themes will stretch. This meant establishing a plastic free solution for our cylindrical packages. Yet, the exciting takeaway is the amount of creativity on either end of the spectrum; hundreds of thousands of memes are created every day by talented individuals looking to entertain and inform.

Whilst moments are still captivated and shared through twisted stories and terribly misquoted one-liners, from it all, opportunities are making themselves available for ignition of further creativity. Nowadays, with the help of YouTube tutorials, endless filters, and the accessibility of social media; young teens look more grown up than ever. As we age, we tend to find ourselves caught in a trap. As a teenager, I wanted nothing more than to be treated like an adult, and now in my 20s I find the thought of being considered an adult terrifying.

One thing that has always remained the same is the use of clothing and makeup as an expression to convey that age, really is just a number. If you think seeing a year-old woman in a short, tight dress clinging onto the arm of a year-old with an Instagram account, is well, a little sad, then bear in mind, so too is the teenage girl trying to act twice her age.

This sort of pressure to mature quickly can be sourced from a host of factors from parents, friends, and the. It is rare, nowadays, to find a teenager who wishes to be more like a kid, than they do more of an adult. According to clinical psychologist Limor Kaufman, Ph. There's tremendous pressure on girls and boys in terms of presentation and performance.

This can mean watching certain TV shows, or reading books that follow the current trends as that is seen as cool and the norm.

Thanks to the rise of Instagram influencers and Youtubers, teenagers are constantly seeking out trends not ageappropriate because that is the image they are constantly being exposed to. It is often insecurity that cause young teens to try harder to paint themselves in a more adult light. In acting older and following the current trends meant for young adults, teenagers are made to feel more knowing and less vulnerable.

This is often the case in social situations where it can feel more socially acceptable to plaster on makeup and take a good selfie on Instagram than it is to post a silly, fun photo with friends.

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Instead, many were left with bruises, sore lips, and sometimes torn skin. We also have teen-focused television shows and movies that often glamorise young teenagers as adults. When I was fourteen, every girl at school was obsessed with Gossip Girl. It was enticing and addictive, watching these teenagers as young as sixteen, live such glamourous, grown up lives.

Today, teens have TV shows such as Riverdale which uses young actors in their 20s to portray high school students who act more grown-up than the adults. These shows aimed at a young teenage demographic lead to unrealistic expectations of what it means to be a young teen and only fuels the notion they should act more grown up. Behind the scenes, Momsen dressed way beyond her sixteen years and heavily painted her face with an intense eyeliner game.

Jenner was the subject of intense controversy surrounding. We are all guilty of falling into the illusion that the next stage is going to be better than our current ones, and will make us happier and more fulfilled. Of course, when teenagers see, all over their social media, older young adults enjoying themselves in town, out drinking and dancing, they are going to fantasise about growing older and that being their lives.

What they fail to see on their social media is all the bad stuff that arises as you get older, and instead they are only shown a small window of the good stuff. Dr Kaufman states that acting more mature can bring along some benefits, such helping to form an identity in the long-term. It is a good thing if young teenagers want to take on more responsibility, show a genuine interest in more adult topics, or develop a more mature style.

This is as long as these intentions are pure and not for show in order to seem cool online. It can be really frustrating being a teenager but it is a time when so many regret rushing through that stage in life. David Elkind Ph. I think you see that in celebrities like Britney Spears. The harder you can appear older, the younger you can end up looking.

So, while I will always perpetually cringe looking back on my young teens, I am also relieved to not have grown up in an age where social media was so prevalent. With role models such as the Kardashians, and the rise of Instagram influences; young teenagers today are subjected to false ideals about what is age-appropriate and it is no wonder they are more desperate than ever to grow up. Every fourteen-year-old will always wish they were older, more mature, and living a more glamourous grown-up lifestyle as portrayed in the media. My disdain towards the Law building could make sense, had my subconscious let it, for fear of that unspeakable date, in which I found myself locked down in Meremere with friends I barely knew, a sobbing Trump supporter, and a lifeless phone of mine.

This isn't true though. My generalised disliking towards the, quite frankly, outdated Meremere building can quite simply be associated with my disliking towards my slightly younger, and slightly more pretentious self. Spoiler alert: one semester and two weeks later I am a proud eh? The reason, though, that I can't help but curse the Law building on a regular basis does indeed have nothing to do with the building itself and everything to do with my own petty nature. The Law Building is a reminder of what would have been, had I hated myself enough to actually go through with attending.

In all honesty, it's my fault. I knew what I was getting myself into. I spent all of working part-time for a Law firm, learning exactly the kind of hell that law is. Boring, scary, and pretentious, all things hell-like to me. Not only did the lawyers themselves have me crying in the bathroom, but the utter thought of living like that for the rest of my life did as well. Why did I want to study Law in the first place you ask?

I want to make a difference in this godforsaken messed up world, but I also wanted to support myself and my historically not-well-off-moneywise family. This isn't a bad priority to have but my family has always managed, so why commit to what's likely going to become five to ten years studying something I can't. It's pretty dumb for me to be looking into my past when I haven't even started my future. But I've always been a rather nostalgic person. I think of myself last year, and wonder why I prioritized looking important instead of doing something important? I love politics, so why not major in it?

What I'm studying is still subject to change, as I have more interests and if it can change as quickly as it did when I switched out of Law, then it will likely change again. I know for certain though, I cannot stand law. I will admit though the moot court is pretty sexy. All so I could impress a whole lot of people whose opinions do not matter and make money in a world that so seriously needs to stop prioritising its economics. Each PM has their own unique way of running the country.

Shipley came to power after she convinced a majority of the National caucus that the incumbent leader and current Prime Minister, Jim Bolger, was inept. President Bill Clinton. Shipley supported the quasi-national emblem of the Silver Fern on a black background as an alternative New Zealand flag. Her government also lowered the drinking age from 21 to 18 an outstanding move! The Act declared New Zealand a nuclear-free zone and banned all nuclear-capable ships from entering New Zealand territorial waters.

Prior to World War II, Savage met in London with leaders of other Commonwealth nations and called out the British for its weakening of the League of Nations and complained that dominions, such as New Zealand, were not properly consulted or informed on foreign policy and defence issues. Savage is considered the architect of the New Zealand welfare state.

The Act introduced a universal free health system, an unemployment benefit for people 16 years and over, established a pension scheme for men and women at age of 60, and a universal superannuation form age Savage is 1 of 4 Prime Ministers that died in office. His ideology is forever entrenched in the beliefs of the Labour Party. David Lange entered government in after Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon, drunkenly called a snap election mood. Lange and his Minister of Finance, Roger Douglas, engaged in deregulation of the financial markets as well as the removal of tariffs and subsidies.

These economic policies referred to as Rogernomics. Lange believed when the market results in inequality or poor economic performance, the Government should get involved. The Lange Government enacted the Homosexual Law Reform Act which legalised the consensual sex of two men aged 16 and over. Lange was very critical of the use of nuclear power and believed nuclear weapons. Firstly, the new films look really good. When kicking around ideas for this column, I did a quick google and found a complaint that it was a musical about lions that looked like a National Geographic special.

Unlike the disaffected viewer, I think that sounds pretty cool. The original Disney films with their same-same animation style are, well, samesame. That is probably the result of sticking with the same animation style for almost 60 years. The same cannot be said for modern Disney movies. Upon writing this article I found out that Lewis Carroll was not on drugs when he wrote the book, but it sure feels like he was, and only a modern live-action CGI bonanza can really do that justice. Moving away from the more recent live action remakes and you hit upon Moana. It is undeniable that Moana looks so much better than the animated Disney movies of old.

Talk of Moana and looking different, naturally brings us to the other key point in favour of modern Disney films: Disney got woke. It is very easy to make the case for Moana being the face of a modern Disney that cares about crafting films that represent their global audience. Let young Pacifica people see themselves in Disney heroes and heroines the same way white kids could last century. Given that few people are likely to disagree with me on that front, I will make the case that even the less successful pushes for diversity in the live-action remakes elevate modern Disney films.

Female heroines in the Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast remakes, no longer focus on finding their Prince Charming and are instead intelligent, threedimensional humans. If it can, it will show that modern Disney films can at least churn out better role models for kids these days than the originals. Nic Wilson. This codifying of folk stories has now been grotesquely twisted. In , Disney reached peak nostalgia by releasing four live-action photorealistic remakes of its own films. Profitable, state-of-the-art, soulless remakes. The Lion King is a timeless story where Simba overcomes shame and cowardice, takes responsibility for his mistakes, then defeats a despotic leader to avenge his father, save his people and restore the natural order.

The 2D medium allowed Simba to emote fully; to sing, to smile, and dance. Most modern animation does not reach the quality of this classic, and for that reason it has never aged. In the shot-for-shot remake, the emotional connection with characters has been stripped away. Rafiki, the jovial baboon with a cheerful smile, has been recreated as horrifyingly lifelike, fangs and all.

The remake relies upon the spectacle of CGI technology, at the cost of our connection with the characters. That is why it is inferior. The best CGI of this year is worse than the best CGI of next year, and unlike the timeless original, the remake will always be stuck in , sliding ever further into the uncanny valley as time goes on. The Dumbo was a touching story of an orphan who struggles to find his place in the world, seeks wisdom from new friends, and through believing in himself, finds his true potential and makes the world better for those he loves.

At the time, Disney was in financial stress and needed something to release, so Dumbo was made by two men on a shoestring budget. Some terrible choices were made in the remake. When it comes to remakes, Disney can add glamour and gloss, but the reason the original films resonated with audiences was the story. We wanted to be Simba, we wanted Jasmine to become Empress, for Dumbo to fly and for the Genie to be free.

We wanted these things because we connected with the characters and the story felt relatable. The remakes have lost that connection, and that is why the remakes of will never match up to the magic of the originals. Robert Brownlee. Adventure, hilarity, and character development ensues. Um, I was three the first time I watched this or something, so no h8 please. Potato Head: Hey, Hamm. Look, I'm Picasso! Hamm: I don't get it. Potato Head: You uncultured swine! What're you lookin' at, ya hockey puck? Nesbitt" and in the company of two headless dolls] Woody: What happened to you?

Buzz: One minute you're defending the whole galaxy, and, suddenly, you find yourself sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antoinette Potato Head: Who invited that kid? I would have been under five years old during my first viewing, and I grew up on these characters. My review is clouded with bias and I fully accept my shortcomings as a movie critic. Woah the graphics are slightly better, and some new toys have joined the gang. Woody: Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Could somebody please cover my eyes? Alien toys: You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful. Also, Jessie is bae. Omg Andy is off to college! Jessie: Of course I will Besides, I know about Buzz's Spanish Mode. Buzz Lightyear: My what? We're your friends! Buzz Lightyear: Spare me your lies, temptress! Your emperor's defeated, and I'm immune to your bewitching good looks. Buttercup: [dramatically] There is no way out! Door's right over there. Fave Character: Lotso Actual Thoughts: I went to see this in the cinema as a twelve-year-old and it was highly entertaining in a new way, because I was of a more cognisant age, and able to begin to appreciate the nuance that is hidden adult humour.

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  4. This movie is an absolute tear jerker and I swear there was not a dry eye in the theatre. You NEED to see this absolute masterpiece. I was euphoric, and fuck, I am told I had a post-Toy Story 4 glow. Woody: [From Trailer] I want you to meet Pricklepants: [From Trailer] He's a spork. The complexity and richness of the development seen in characters such as Woody, Bo Peep, and Buzz are immense.

    Bo Peep becomes the feminist icon we never knew we needed. When we were juvenile pricks. Alcohol: It was worse then. From Thursday to Sunday. Only beer really, and really crap beer, made by a continuous industrial process invented here. Like Heineken but even worse. It came only in two identical crappy brands. DB or Lion. You were fully identified with one of those.

    What are you? And it was delivered to the pubs in what looked like petrol tankers; pumped into the back door through a giant clear plastic hose. And delivered to very small glasses or litre jugs on the bar by a drench gun. I kid you not. Pubs were vast, especially the car parks All of them So the road toll per population was about 5 times what it is now.

    You crash. You die. The cars were total crap and designed to go slowly, only in straight lines and So in the morning it was completely routine to go out of your flat and see firstly, if your car was out there The latter might mean you met a girl and briefly stopped drinking for a couple of hours. Back to the vast pubs. There were way fewer but they were often just featureless barns.

    Like cattle feeding lots. All Formica tables and horrendous sticky carpets. All the walls either had foul orange themed 70s wallpaper or were just a very off-white, indeed putrid, weak tea colour, as that was the colour of the nicotine film from the smoke. Everybody smoked. Even the asthmatics; those still alive. Of course most was carpark and nice landscaping by RC Etherington, my Dad. One cultural event of great moment was the end of lectures booze up at the Bush Inn.

    In those days Varsity study was pretty much just two things. All in about three weeks. So normal people just took notes all year, or got them from that girl who had one of those four colour pens Then forget it so the next topic could use the solid state drive capacity It was a marathon, designed to determine survival of the fittest.

    Worked well for me. Everything in moderation, including excess… Back to the pub. Usually the end of year booze up would get out of control. More than just the usual. And intentionally. It would spill out into the vast carpark of course as there were at least people there the entire student body. They would run out of beer so we had to start on the tequila, port or sherry sold on two or three litre flagons at the bottle store attached to every pub … Or ghastly wine produced industrially again Mostly cheap Muller Thurgau Anyway the cops would come.

    In vans And it was great fun trying to see if the cops would arrest you or not. They really were reluctant to. Good policing…. They did have one good thing, on Saturday night and that was live bands in the corner, about a hundred meters from the other corners. You could just see them through the smoke but no worries hearing them as they had 10 foot speakers back then One year they did not come, even though things and the Bush were really getting pretty wild, both in the pub, in the carpark, on the roof and out onto the road.

    We could not understand this. It was a breach of tradition and protocol. So someone, maybe me, thought we should call them. And act like an alarmed member of the public. And someone did Very dumb… maybe me. The Bush. Anyway one vast pub was the Bush Inn. Well they came of course and because they were late I think maybe 40 arrests? Anyway extra vans were required. The cops wanted to clear the carpark so apart from. Perfectly sensible policing. Honestly none. No people either, as all was closed at night Everything The poor lonely cop stopped us near hospital corner. We said we were from Ashburton and looking for the way out of town He did not believe us.

    Which is that way you dicks, across the park so fuck off home now! And so we did. Actually drove across the park. Good policing. Or not. As I say the drunken road toll was horrendous no, actually not funny at all. Things are way way better now and you lot have much better characters than we did. We were not that nice. Nah … we were not..

    Oscar Pistorius: Scorpio signatures of Death & Transformation

    Postscript: Yes, I got arrested. For obstruction. Should have been assault, as I pushed a cop back who pushed me, and he fell into some bushes. We were locked up for the night, fingerprints and mug shot a client once told me she saw my picture in an ID line up of pictures of suspects Embarrassing phone call to parents Shoved out on to Hereford Street at 5. No… he just told us, very forcefully And he was right. I could go on… but should not. Except I do want to emphasise just one thing.

    I digress.

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    For charity of course. At least not for the first 20 pubs. Early on the police would be called of course, because people really thought actual school children drinking age was 20, as it should be now No, should be 21 were actually in the pubs No, actually pretty accurate. Juveniles indeed, we were. Finally there was the Chunder Mile at Rugby Park Unfortunately, I will not be writing as high end a piece as him, hence this fluffy intro While we may be perceived as a generation who have eased up a tad on the drink, we could reasonably be classified as a generation more open to popping pills and bumping lines in Mono.

    The bottom line? Well, while we may still be drinking dangerously, I will happily concede we have, in some way, grown up a bit regarding alcohol. Partying though? We do have more than our fair share of psychotropic fun, but there is, in similar style to our alcoholic temperance, a strong harm reduction and drug education movement rising to prominence. This is a good thing, and you should all join the freshest club at UC: Safe — promoting drug harm reduction on campus. Asher Etherington.

    Applications for the Summer Startup Programme close 15 September 5pm To find out more and to apply, visit www. My friend Scottie used to absolutely love playing cricket when he was a little kid. But still, to this day, he misses it. You see, Scotty has this theory. When I was a little kid, I used to love painting, flying kites, and making model aeroplanes.

    Sure, I was horrible at all three — but all of those things filled me with this life affirming sense of wonder at the world. And yet, once I started High School, I quickly realised none of those things would help me progress up the social ladder of my school, and so I just stopped doing them. And yet to this day, I still miss painting, kites and model aeroplanes.

    I asked for wonder, and he gave it to me. I came out to myself around age My "gay awakening" was sparked by a friend coming out to me - that's when I realised that queerness wasn't just an abstract thing. It could apply to me too. Guess I was 18 when I came out to one person, the only openly queer person I know - a close friend of mine.

    I still question whether I'm bisexual more as a result of compulsory heterosexuality rather than my own feelings because I always thought women were more attractive.

    Leo Weekly Tarot Oracles Astrology Horoscope Jan 27 Feb 2 12222 Love Money - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

    But then again, is that just a result of exposure to culture that objectifies women? I think probably a lot of bi women have this internal dilemma. I didn't have a gay awakening as such. As a trans lesbian, being gay is kind of an addon. A bunch of my family decided I was gonna be gay when I was like three because straight people are like that.

    And I have to disappoint almost as much as I hate the idea of sexual and romantic relationships with men, so I was forced into being trans by family pressure I spent a lot of my adolescent years wishing the time away, failing to enjoy that time, and rejoice in the free and careless lifestyle that I could live. Flash forward to present day, and I see so many life lessons that I need to remember and adopt into my life.

    We think so much harder these days, but the answers we find are more obscure and complex than they need to be. So, I've decided to take it back to young Meg to bring to you the top five lessons and tips I learned in my younger years, that I think we all need to be reminded of again. I do not have a clue what I weighed then - I didn't check, nor can I remember - so why bother placing so much power how much you weigh now?

    Appreciate your parents or caregivers for what they did — the big world of money woes, responsibility, and work is tough. One bad grade does not mean the end of the world or your future. Worrying about the future is not worth it — you have no control over it. Your friend, Rawing Meg xx Insta: rawingmeg Email: rawingmeg gmail. Uni Pharmacy - Is it a cold or is it flu? Should you see the doctor? Should you stay away from Uni? Should you take anything? Both colds and flu are viral infections, spread from person to person as droplets in the air, or from touching infected surfaces such as door handles, then touching the nose or mouth.

    Sneezing and coughing are very effective ways of spreading the virus. A sneeze can travel at a speed of around km per hour and spread infected material up to three metres. No wonder sneezing is such hard work! With both you may have a blocked or runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and a cough. There may also be fever, muscle aches and fatigue.

    Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

    With a cold these symptoms may last a week whereas with the flu they can come on more. For people with chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes, the flu can lead to serious complications involving bacterial infections, however, for most healthy adults, colds and flu are self-limiting. Medicines recommended by your pharmacist, along with rest, plenty of fluids, a balanced diet, and avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke, will help alleviate the symptoms. There are many cough, cold and flu products available including antitussive cough mixtures for a dry cough, with no phlegm and expectorant cough mixtures for a productive cough, with phlegm.

    Then there are combination cold and flu products containing several ingredients to treat multiple symptoms, and individual ingredient products such as a decongestant for a stuffy nose, an analgesic for headaches and muscle pain and a gargle or lozenges for a sore throat. David and Lisa can help. A consultation with them before selecting a cold or flu product will ensure you get the right product for your symptoms. Check in with them today! There seems to be a belief that if you fail a course, you can just keep trying again until you get enough marks to pass. I am not completely sure where this comes from.

    Whatever the origin of this belief though, it is causing issues for many students. In order to even attempt a course for a third and final time, you need to get special permission from the relevant Dean. Other courses only allow a maximum of two attempts. This includes. If you fail half or more of the points you are enrolled in for a semester, or have a GPA of less than 1.

    This is a big deal, because if you AP is reviewed for more than one semester in a row, then there is a high chance that you will get excluded from your degree, or even from the whole University. It is then a really difficult process to get allowed back in again. It may not feel like you are losing real money when you get Fees Free and Studylink, but you will need to pay back that Student Loan at some point, and Studylink will refuse to keep funding your study if you keep failing your courses.

    And always keep in mind that there are plenty of people around the University who are here to help if you are struggling. Recreation Centre: Need some exercise? The Rec Centre provides gym equipment, group classes, and social sport games. Student Care: Need some general advice and not sure who can help? The Student Care Team are great people to ask because they are friendly and supportive, plus they have connections with other key support services on campus and can set up a support plan for you.

    Life can seem rather difficult while studying. You may have to keep up with a whole variety of things; such as, family, friends, work, extra-curricular activities, and not to mention a full-time study workload. Is this possible? Yes — but only with proper self-care and planning. Self-care is the act of looking after oneself. It will look different for everyone, but it usually involves doing activities that you love, getting enough rest, eating nutritious food, and being part of a community. This sounds easier than it is. Sometimes you might need a little help to stay on top of things.

    Again, you need to get permission from the relevant Dean before a second and final attempt. They also offer financial help for unexpected circumstances. Student Mentoring: A student mentor can be a huge help for people new to UC. Student mentors are students as well, and they can help you discover what is available at UC and show you around. Health Centre: If you are feeling unwell, there are doctors and counsellors available at the Health Centre for a subsidised price. Academic Skills Centre: There are a great range of workshops available at the Academic Skills Centre to help you succeed with your studies.

    They can also set up a study plan for you. UC Staff: Please talk to your lecturers and tutors if you have any questions or if something is affecting your study. They can give you some advice on what would help. It is best to do this early on if possible to prevent a bigger problem from developing right before the final exam. Despite narrow score margins in the pool matches, they missed out on semi-finals, and went on to beat AUT , to take 6th place. Jenna comes from Colorado USA and bought hype with her, celebrating every point the team scored, and Gracie put her body on the line and got injured on the second day.

    That breadth of talent was an asset to the team, as they were able to run rolling subs and rest their players without harming the team performance. Captained by the cool headed Pesamino Morrison, they flew through the pool matches, defeating Otago, Waikato and Victoria in sets. The final proved to be a little tougher, but only a little, they won against University of Auckland to round off an undefeated tournament performance. There are still several tournaments remaining with National Tertiary Tournaments in Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Basketball and Netball planned for later this year.

    Dunedin has been a vibrant place for music in recent years. I think Dunedin is the best city in the country to start a band at the moment. The student culture is incredibly supportive of live music and gets behind artists across multiple genres. So many great bands have come out of this place. To have that constantly around you to draw on makes for a great breeding ground which new bands can thrive in. Despite that, a lot of those bands everybody knows and loves have recently flown the coop - leaving room for something new to fill that space.

    Obviously neither of you are new to that scene at all, having played in Albion Place, The Shambles, Lacuna, Old Boy and Mamazita, between the two of you. We both wanted to go out and play shows firstly, because we missed it a shitload, but also because we needed the money to record. We thought it would be best to have some music out before we booked anything so that people would actually come to our shows. Broccoli or cauliflower? Broccoli TS. Pepsi or coke? Pepsi TS. Favourite Roald Dahl novel? Each night we gather around the dining table Hugh compliments the chef on what he considers a beautiful meal and pours himself a bourbon and coke Laird shares that days epic gaming moment and expresses the daily struggles he endures as a gamer Nach enthusiastically enters the room before licking his fingers and proceeding to touch the communal food Otis argues with the rest of the flat about that days discussion, never admitting that he may be wrong.

    White isolation with friends that can never end the blizzard falls quiet on a silent zephyr of light, a speck is freed from the ceiling; Weightlessly and without might, it falls with grace believing;. Its descent carries with it a purpose, in its hands, it holds a soul; Aeons pass and it reaches the surface Only to be swallowed whole. Natural light ejected from the heavens, piercing through its body, dividing into an infinite spectrum. I too am on the spectrum. Luis - Every night I cry myself to sleep, Unless I make a toastie with the cheese, I'm in need, Help me please, Put barbeque sauce on my titties.

    Ty Segall - First Taste Dedicated readers of this little column, all seven of you, will know that I have particular tastes. Some are heavy, some are airy.

    horoscop acvaria capricornn azi

    This one? Still rocks your socks up, tho. Granted, until now, Chancellor Bennet, better known as Chance the Rapper "please say the rapper" , has only put out his music in the form of mixtapes. You can actually find a lot of his stuff online for free, which came as a great surprise. So naturally, this a big deal for anyone who jams to him. Our boy is finally out there on shelves!

    Which begs the question; Is it a good album, let alone a great album? Actually, uh, no, not really. In the time since blowing up, Chance has married and started a family, got into his Jesus and God in a big way, and has pretty much been enjoying himself, a brighter mood reflected sonically, of course. This is something new. Benjamin could be either Aries or Scorpio, the signs ruled by Mars because of its association with the wolf. But the ass and the hind have no clearcut astrological associations.

    As with most questions of this kind, nothing can be said to be absolutely correct. Nevertheless, despite the apparent difficulties with the system of Mathers its evidently arbitrary nature and the fact that the signs do not follow in order according to the encampment , I must render the decision in his favor.

    There is nothing to recommend Halevi's Kenton's system except a certain superficial common sense in placing Aries in the East with Judah. I have already gone into the more-or-less compelling reasons to allot the four camps to the four fixed signs, with Judah for Leo despite the remark about Dan. Besides, the system presented by Mathers in his essay is not, as most people think, original with him. It duplicates without alteration the system found in the great Albert Pike's mammoth Masonic opus, Morals and Dogma Mathers was, of course, a Freemason, as were the other founders of the Golden Dawn.

    Pike is clear where Mathers is muddy, and the Golden Dawn chief's reasoning becomes clear if you read Pike's explanations. This book is not some secret tome hidden away under lock and key in Masonic libraries, as the reputation of the Masons might lead you to believe, but is generally available in most public libraries. It is fascinating reading for the amateur or professional qabalist.

    Here's what Pike has to say about it in his discussion of the 25th Scottish Rite degree of "Knight of the Brazen Serpent: :. The Hebrew camp was a quadrilateral, in sixteen divisions, of which the central four were occupied by images of the four elements.

    The four divisions at the four angles of the quadrilateral exhibited the four signs that the astrologers call fixed, and which they regard as subject to the influence of the four great Royal Stars, Regulus in Leo, Aldebaran in Taurus, Antares in Scorpio, and Fomalhaut in the mouth of Pisces, on which falls the water poured out by Aquarius; of which constellations the Scorpion was represented in the Hebrew blazonry by the Celestial Vulture or Eagle, that rises at the same time with it and is its paranatellon.

    The other signs were arranged on the four faces of the quadrilateral, and in the parallel and interior divisions. The water poured out by Aquarius flows toward the South Pole, and it is the first of the four Royal Signs, ascending from the Winter Solstice. Dan, bearing as his device a Scorpion, he compares to the Cerastes or horned Serpent, synonymous in astrological language with the vulture or pouncing eagle; and which bird was often substituted on the flag of Dan, in place of the venomous scorpion, on account of the terror which that reptile inspired, as the symbol of Typhon and his malign influences; wherefore the Eagle, as its paranatellon, that is, rising and setting at the same time with it, was naturally used in its stead.

    Hence the four famous figures in the sacred pictures of the Jews and Christians, and in Royal Arch Masonry, of the Lion, the Ox, the Man, and the Eagle, the four creatures of the Apocalypse, copied there from Ezekiel, in whose reveries and rhapsodies they are seen revolving around blazing circles. Virgo, the domicile of Mercury, is borne on the flag of Naphtali, whose eloquence and agility Jacob magnifies, both of which are attributes of the Courier of the Gods.

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    Dark Moon. Amasras An angel mentioned in the Book of Enoch. He enjoys helping people who work with the soil, such as gardeners and farers.