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Ruled by Mercury, your mind is always churning and evaluating, inspecting and quick to notice areas of improvement. You are probably happiest at a social gathering when you are serving others or helping the hostess.

Venus enters Scorpio

You are not one to need a lot of reassurance and find comfort and value in demonstrating your helpfulness. You can work long and hard following your vision without any input from others. The appearance for Virgo rising will usually be conservative, not one to draw a lot of attention to themselves. Even a librarian get up however, could never cover up the intense curiosity behind the eyes.

The Virgo man might even be a race car driver on the weekends! What you see and what you get with Virgo rising is not always obvious on first appearance. Your only challenge is when you are self critical or critical of others. You may need to lighten up and accept the fact that just because you would rather remain reserved, others are not like you.

If you feel judged by others it is only because you are judging them. Most people are busy thinking about themselves and would accept you warts and all. The satisfaction of knowing you are a steadfast friend and supporter is your highest aim. Libra rising is ruled by Venus and since the ascendant and rising sign describe the outer appearance, this usually is a placement that makes one magnetic and attractive. The life of the party, there is a zaniness to how you like to pull the rug out from beneath the unsuspecting.

There can be a bit of indecisiveness associated with this placement because Libra is always seeing all sides of everyone's opinion and sometimes forgets their own.

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This placement can make one very inquisitive in social situations, asking questions in order to understand how others tick. The pursuit of harmony and a dislike of discord is something Libra finds challenging. There is always a desire to smooth out difficulty or bridge differences among others so that everyone can get back to the party.

The only challenge is the Venus influence that can lead to over indulgence of all sorts, so moderation may need to be developed. The Libra woman will have the body that is the epitome of feminine attractiveness.

Sun-Moon Combinations

The reason I say it is blessed by the deities, is because while other signs work hard to look good, Libra achieves it naturally. They can be voluptuous or toned without even working at it, much to the envy of other signs Even as they age and grow more fleshy, their attractiveness will remain.

This is perhaps the rising sign most likely to rush in where angels fear to tread. If we look at the rising sign as the vehicle we ride around in, Scorpio rising makes one challenge any sense of rules or lines on the highway with the pedal to the medal.

Not that they are thrill seekers like the fire signs. They just seem drawn to taboo, especially when it involves the psychology between people. Since Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex and transformation, having a Scorpio rising makes one rather curious about the whole subject of fear as if they are here to open the door and look at it, just so they can transform the boogeyman into deeper self awareness. The water aspect of Scorpio can make you deeply sensitive and even psychic to the moods and feelings of others.

Virgo Moon/Libra Sun

You have chosen a path of deep transformation with this Persona, so enjoy the ride. The appearance of Scorpio rising is often sexy and magnetic ensuring that you are able to explore the power of intimate interaction with others.

Matches With Virgo

With Jupiter ruling Sagittarius as a Persona or mask this placement can make one jovial, generous and having tendencies of the Archetype Bacchus who loved nothing more than social interaction and endlessly flowing wine. The appearance can either demonstrate the sporty and active side of Sagittarius or the over-indulgent waistline of the gregarious type. Regardless, you love philosophical discussion and are not one to tell white lies just to keep a stagnant situation from collapsing.

Truth is important and you can sometimes be so blunt that others find you to be crude. Having Jupiter as your ruler however, you just shrug it off with a laugh and move on to the next adventure. You find the most satisfaction from competitive sports or simply testing your own abilities against nature. A love of travel can lead you to take up residence in foreign places. You may follow the Sagittarian path of being a life long student, whether that is in university or simply on the road. Your path is about finding the deeper meaning of life and you are not one to engage in superficial talk.

Capricorn on the Ascendant can add a rather sober and reserved quality to how you interact with others. You are not known to be emotionally expressive and prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself. Your passion to achieve your ambition however, is unquestionable. You are an earth sign that is known for being practical, reliable and not one to deviate from routine. In fact, some might accuse you of being obsessive about being economical.

Saturn as your ruler can make you a workaholic or taskmaster. While you are extremely ambitious, you may doubt your ability to achieve anything worthwhile. This is why routine is so satisfying for you. For you it is more important to set the daily tasks and go to bed with a sense of accomplishment than to chase after rainbows or castles or other grandiose schemes.

In terms of your appearance, you may have a collection of several key pieces of clothing bought in duplicate. You can appear skeptical or disinterested but behind those steely eyes is a mind that misses nothing. Aquarius likes to be known for being different. When Aquarius is the rising sign, this is most noticeable. Like Uranus the planet that spins differently from the other planets, you come and go like a wild wind, leaving others wondering just who you are. Like Einstein, you may even have a unique way of wearing your hair.

Even while you court the idea of being known as an iconoclast, you are the first one to be of service should anyone need a helping hand. There is nothing selfish about you and you are probably driven to correct social injustices. It is obvious to others that your mind is eccentric and bordering on genius. Your fearlessness is expressing your unusual ideas brings you great satisfaction. A lover of freedom, you may be tough one to tie down to any type of commitment. The only challenge for you will be in the emotional realm. You can tend toward intellectualizing your emotions rather than feeling them.

If you feel lonely it is only because you are so good at being aloof and distant that others don't show up when you need them. You have a difficult time showing vulnerability so others never realize you have needs. Living in the mind like you do, you really don't need anything except the freedom to remain inspired.

Having Pisces on the Ascendant can make it hard for people to understand who you really are. Your feeling nature is intense and you are a natural peacemaker and nurturer. It is difficult however, for you to fathom the enormous inner world that you have access to. Attempting to label the vast ocean you call home with something like an ego description is foreign to you.

Therefore, Pisces as a Persona can appear a bit nebulous. To take a bucket of sand and call it a beach or a drop of water and call it an ocean There can be a misty quality to your eyes, a deep and profound thoughtfulness that is immediately recognizable.

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There is also a vulnerability that is marked by Pisces rising. You are here to cross the boundaries that separate the self from the cosmos. Its your boat and you can sail it where you like so don't compare yourself to others. Members Center. The Ascendant Next to the sun and moon, the ascendant is also an important part of the triad of astrology.

Ascendant in Taurus Ruled by Venus You are a traditionalist and may be slow to open up in new situations, but once a part of a group you are in for the long haul. Ascendant in Gemini Ruled by airy Mercury Others see you as nervous because your face can be read like a book, reflecting any particular mood of the moment.

This section provides a small reading for all the possible combinations of Sun signs Aries through Pisces combined with the Moon signs Aries through Pisces. The Sun and Moon are the main two entities in astrological analysis. These two also called the luminaries that play a vital role in astrological science. By combining these two a different personality appears. Their position in our natal chart has to do a lot with our personalities and our actions here one earth.

Moon rules your emotional part and your habits. It relates to your underlying personality, your hidden person.

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Moon plays a subtle part in our lives. Moon's position in the zodiac sky shows how you react to the world outside with your nature that has grown with time and experience. Sun on the other hand defines an individual, who you are, your core nature. People born under the same sun sign often share many common observable traits. But their natures begin to deviate when the Moon sign is taken into consideration. Aries and their Moons This section provides a small reading for the Aries sun signs and the 12 possible Moon combinations.