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Although you may not see immediate results for your efforts, important groundwork can be laid for the future. Your love life is also bound to be going through a transformation this year. Some of you might be dealing with matters of power and control in your personal relationships. Energy and mood fluctuations are expected to figure strongly in the year ahead. Conserve energy whenever you can. It suggests an intellectually stimulating year in which the exchange of ideas with others figures prominently.

You may find more opportunities to attend meetings and other organized group activities, to communicate online, and to take part in activities involving computers or scientific projects. Unexpected gains may be realized through these things. Original, creative ideas are easy to come by this year.

Saturn is square to Pluto in your Solar Return chart. This suggests a need for you to come to terms with your own powers of authority and your effectiveness. Power struggles, frustration, and manipulation are possible themes this year. You may desire change, but feel blocked by others or by circumstances. Alternatively, you may be attempting to resist change that is inevitable. Persistence will pay off in the end, and the need to adjust your expectations becomes obvious.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron and Neptune in your Solar Return chart suggests that idealistic and humanitarian goals or impulses have more significance in your life this year. You may experience an increased need for greater understanding, wisdom, and awareness, as well as increased interest in the healing arts and holistic health this year.

It may be a time during which you reconsider or revamp your personal belief system. Everyday, ordinary life may not always satisfy, as you hunger for a more idealistic life. Hard work is expected in the year ahead, but many rewards for your efforts as well. Mental projects and studies fare especially well this year.

Major restructuring of your life will help you to clear your head and to get your priorities straight, particularly with regards to your finances and love life. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment.

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Always you strive for poise during transition times while sending prayerful requests for able, intelligent and financial assistance in order to manifest all that is new into form and matter. Your prayers prepare the field. Maintain a winter garden. Because of this, be careful with thoughts, actions and communication. Showing yours eases barriers, allowing heartfelt communication and contact. You want love. Love comes from intentional contact. These daily changes reflect the pulse of humanity playing through your body.

You need stabilization, an immediate sense of purpose and remaining within the safety of home. Make changes in small ways.

December 28 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

When viewing the big picture stand with compassion and dispassion. Children bring both blessings and hard work. LEO: It seems you need a retreat to bring forth creative freedom.

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  6. This week should bring heightened sense of feeling separated from others, which you may enhance should your communication be harsh. You are able to be very intuitive, so observe your thoughts carefully. Is daily life feeling like a transformation is about to occur? Are financial needs being served? A sudden revelation occurs which expands you into other worlds.

    Take us with you. Money may feel restricted, communication may be hidden from whom, why, where? It feels like seeds of the future, life-changing, are breaking through. Moving forward is slow. Allow inner spiritual intentions to hold you. Transformation arrives for a long visit. The past holds and keeps you for a while in order for it to be liberated. The present-future creates optimism.

    Today's Love Horoscope For Friday, December 28, 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

    However, there are two sides working within you. The energy of the aspect builds as it gets closer to exact. Separating aspects are good to know for context, but in terms of energy that is with us today, applying aspects are most important. This is the case for daily astrology influences involving inner planets, which pass quickly, and not natal astrology aspects, which are with us for a lifetime. We have an emotional need for order with the Moon in Virgo. Diet, nutrition, health matters, work, and routines are in stronger focus.

    We may be projecting our own issues onto others now, and could be defensive or feel that others are insensitive to our feelings and needs. We might experience a conflict between wanting to be close to others and desiring to prove our independence, making intimacy a challenge right now. You are responsible and respectful, with a strong need to be an authority figure. You command respect and may tend to superiority and bossiness.

    December 28 Zodiac

    You are responsible, serious and reliable. You may have had a stricter father than the other children. Work and a career will be important to you. You have the self discipline to succeed. You seek knowledge to expand your world view. You are a born philosopher, enjoying any information which helps you see the big picture. For instance you may enjoy a religious debate.

    You place importance on freedom of speech and thought.

    December 28th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 2

    There is a love of investigation, intimacy, depth connections, and consuming relationships and pastimes. This is a time for closing up projects that are no longer viable and for clearing out the deadwood. We may be passive-aggressive or we choose roundabout ways to fulfilling our desires. Escapism or procrastination could be problems now. We are highly intuitive and quickly defend the vulnerable or support the underdog.

    Your personal desires always seem to be thwarted. As a small child, you may have experienced difficulty in getting your own way in your own home. Later, as an adult, it may have seemed that the world was conspiring against you. Your lesson is to focus on the needs of the world, rather than personal desires. Once this concept is learnt, you will be a powerful advocate for humanity. You will be able to empathise with and fight for those who need your strength and compassion. This is a time to increase our cultural and spiritual awareness, expand our higher minds, broaden our experiences, and place our faith in the universe.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius is bold, opinionated, just, and adventurous. November 8, to December 2, You are artistic and talented but need to learn self discipline if you are to make something of it. You may be careless with your possessions and need to learn to handle money. Conservation, moderation, definition, structure, simplicity, and realism are themes now.

    We might also be striving for more authority in a particular area of our lives now. You are able to use your inspiration to be of service to humanity. You also have a talent for bringing this out in other people and helping them to work on improving social conditions.

    The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives or even our personalities , and to gain freedom through independence is strong during this cycle. May 27, , to August 13, , then March 11th, , to May 15, , then November 6, , to March 6, A long-term influence in which fantasy, imagination, compassion, and spirituality are in stronger focus.

    April 4, , to August 4, , then February 3, , to March 30, , then October 22, , to January 26, Tests of our boundaries; breaking down and rebuilding structures and rules. From January 25, , to June 14, , then November 26, , to March 23, , then June 11, , to January 20, , then September 1, , to November 19, You have a tendency to become embroiled in the dramas of life. You are familiar with the darker side of life.

    Your challenge is to rise above the negativity, and use your resources for the good of others. Strong awareness of our own vulnerabilities and humanity stimulates compassion for others. April 20 to July 20, , then February 8, , to April 17, , then September 25, , to February 18, You work best in an atmosphere of freedom and have a tendency to escape from routine.

    You will have a commitment to humanitarian or political causes which do not offend your sense of individuality. You are able to see both sides of a story and help bring opposing parties into agreement. You are a diplomat and a defender of justice. You need to feel safe and secure in your relationships.

    You want your partner to be reliable and stable and are likely to want a traditional marriage.

    Love and Compatibility for December 28 Zodiac Zodiac

    You feel cared for when your loved ones intensely focus their attention on you. You are emotionally committed to those close to you. This is a quest to overcome inner pride and to tolerate your own failures. You have a tendency to make life harder than it need be. You need to learn humility and to express your emotions honestly so that you can nurture others with your wealth of wisdom.

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