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The customer can choose color, materials and components as well as the shape of the bike frame. About Us.

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For Trade Visitors. For Exhibitors. All Pages at a glance. For Journalists. Exhibitor Directory. Event program. Directions, Accomodation, Visas. The Concept. For trade visitors. Tickets Opening hours Plans of grounds and halls Download whitepaper App. Second reading already booked. If your interested in a reading, DM me. She is not afraid, for the priestess knows the time is right to journey within.

The eagle comes to you also to reaffirm the message of grasping hermit like solitude In order to soar. Look at how you can create different strains of income, not just from one source, but several. Or, it could mean turning a hobby or skill into a little enterprise that runs along side your main job.

It could mean dipping your toe into the share market, or even discovering ways to reduce consumption of unnecessary items.

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Dying to dig into them over lunch! Reflections for the weekend as we head towards a full moon next week. In order for wishes to become reality-they have to be written down as goals with a plan to achieve them. Also to remember to look for the good things each day. I need to work on my patience, while looking for the little things that make me smile daily. Different ways of working on me: less is more, watching my energy levels, and figuring out the next career step.

Big tasks for the coming months-but small steps to start, and a lot of planning. New beginnings, happiness and love is soon to be a big part of my life. Spirit is telling me to work on myself, on my inner beauty and spirituality. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Meditation, journaling, and selfreflection are on the agenda for the coming week or weeks as it may turn out.

I tend to overthink most things-and jobsearching is one of those areas. A new month, and things to think about. Ideas and plans are bouncing around-need to catch a few and turn them into goals and to-do lists. And just like that there are only 4 months left in the year. Numerous things to think on and plans to be made.

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Slow but steady, and progress over perfection are the two keys. Guidance for the Day Do what you feel is right, and not what others want you to, even though at times this can be hard. Be guided by your own ethics and principles. The implications of your actions are not only relevant in the physical, but also in the spiritual realm.

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If you are struggling with making an important decision, the following practice will help you on your way: Take a large ivy leaf from a plant and wash it clean. In pen, write these words: "By the power of this green ivy vine, my integrity is true and it will shine. You can only do what is right for you, according to your individual set of values. On the night of the newmoon its time to reflect and plan for the last few months of the year and beyond. On the eve of an newmoon another reading using the enchantedspelloracle deck.

Slow and steady to win over the fear of failure. Take a look at your energy. Are you lacking or feeling drained?

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Do you feel like you have too much, or feeling restless. What energy are you letting into your life? Pay attention to who you're spending time with and how they make you feel. Setting boundaries is important particularly if you feel like you are constantly giving and feel disrespected in some way. Being aware of this and choosing who you associate with can make life more joyful and full of light. Apples have been used in countless rituals and are particularly powerful for protection from negative energies: Take a clear glass bowl and fill it halfway with vinegar.

On an apple, write in pen anything and everyone that is bothering you. Place the apple in the bowl of vinegar and add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, then stir. Watch as the negativity literally fizzes away, leaving you feeling lighter and calmer.

Discard the apple and clouded vinegar. Another reading of the enchantedspelloracle deck. Basically, worry about me first and fuck the rest. We do so much for others, that we simply forget that we also need some time to ourselves. This card is asking you to switch off for a while and spend some quality time with yourself.

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  4. Maybe a stroll in the park in nature, or just setting down at home in a herbal bath would do you the world of good. Enchantment can be found in the simple things in life we have. Painting, reading, or doing anything that makes you feel good about yourself. So today, try to slow down and relax. Self care is top of your to-do list. And then I began to read Try to limit your time with people or situations that drain you, because your emotional health is Paramount right now.

    Getting back into doing an evening reading of the cards. Everything is a matter of perspective, and that includes how we go about each day. Reflection, contemplation, and believing in oneself can go a long way to make dreams a reality. Are you in need of detoxification or cleanse? Think about it and see if that's the reason you're feeling sluggish or even stuck. Your home may also need purification to get rid of any dense energy. Sage is excellent for this: Get a small smudge stick, a white tealight and g of salt. Light the smudge stick, place it into a ceramic bowl and go to every part of your house, allowing the smoke to permeate all the rooms.

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    Be sure to visit particularly dark corners and under beds. Have the doors and windows open as this let's the smoke out alone with any heavy and dull energy. Sted: Gamle Eidsfoss. Hvor: Hamar kulturhus. Astrid holder foredrag om Samisk sjamanisme, helbredelsestradisjoner og sjamanens vei. Tid: Kl. Photo by: Akram Dance Company. Describe your image. Astrid sin mor Helmi Astrid var klarsyn og fikk opp bilder og ord som forsvarsel. Anbefalt litteratur til studiet. Lunsj og kultur Levende kultur gir levende mennesker. Hun anbefaler at du bruker headset.

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    Trommelyden gir healing og avspenning. Send meg gjerne en E-post om dine opplevelser av "reisen" Lykke til! Trinn 5 i Asker 16 og 17 februar Trinn 5 i Arvika Sverige 29 og 30juni Trinn 6 i Hoensvannet i Hokksund 4, 5 og 6 okt- Trinn 2 i Asker 25 og 26 april Trinn 1 i Stockholm 21 og 22 mars Trinn 1 i Elverum 18 og 19 april