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If neither one steps out and breaks the habit, they will both remain undirected all throughout the relationship. Lastly, Gemini with their dual nature can be so unpredictable.

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Pisces will never know when their Gemini partner's mood swings will strike or how they will react to given situations. And though, they can be adaptable and flexible, Geminis rarely reciprocate any commitment. Don'ts with this Relationship. This relationship can start really well for Pisces and Gemini, but as it progresses, their set differences start cropping up.

Pisces constant need for affection and reassurance that they are loved and appreciated can tire Gemini and put them off. Pisces can get hurt when Gemini fails to notice the very qualities they liked about them in the first place. Pisces can be emotionally overpowering while Gemini remains averse to their feelings. Reading your Daily Gemini Love Horoscope with help you understand these traits so you can learn to better compromise with your partner. It is important that both learn to adapt to each other's personalities for this relationship to work. Pisces should not forget that Gemini is a popular person.

They can mingle with everybody from all walks of life, and because of Pisces' possessiveness, their Gemini partner can pull away from them. Being an intellectual person, Gemini may often speak before they can think.

This leads to tactless conversations and arguments. They can be restless, and quick to change in a varied atmosphere.

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Pisces should not be too sensitive when these things happen. It is Gemini's simple nature. They should learn to let such things pass and learn to adapt to their ways for this relationship to work. Gemini, on the other hand, must learn to evaluate themselves first before they scrutinize or ignore their Pisces mate as they can be overly emotional and sensitive. They should not utter words that can start a fire. In addition, they should not become overly sociable as their Pisces can be jealous and emotionally possessive.

You will learn more about this when you read your Daily Horoscopes for Gemini. Learn the best relationship matches for your sign and find out which ones will be the most challenging for your soul as a tool to help you evolve and improve your relationship through advanced communication skills. Most Compatible. Gemini and Libra. Gemini and Aquarius. Your power will come from that.

Everything remembered is dear, endearing, touching, precious. We know it now. And I mistakenly thought that if I was famous then everyone would love me. It lights the whole sky. Risk being seen in all of your glory. You never want to go out with a whimper. The more you use, the more you have. I think that the middle ground is to be found within most of us. Security is mostly a superstition.

It does not exist in nature. You think you know all there is to know about her immediately upon meeting her, but everything you think you know is wrong. Passion flows through her like a river of blood. Brennan, Jr. When you have an enthusiastic heart, all the heavens can flow through it. I want to believe that there is a mountain so high that I will spend my entire life striving to reach the top of it.

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Achieving success and personal glory in athletics has less to do with wins and losses than it does with learning how to prepare yourself so that at the end of the day, whether on the track or in the office, you know that there was nothing more you could have done to reach your ultimate goal. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Humor is a presence in the world — like grace — and shines on everybody. Every individual has a role to play. Astrology Reports give you a map of the road ahead.

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Select from Evolving Door Astrology Reports. It is essential to be able to acknowledge and work within your limitations. That doesn't have to mean turning your back on someone in distress, but it does mean recognizing what you can and can't realistically do without sacrificing your own much-needed strength. This is especially true when it comes to the needs of your physical body; e. However, Chiron is meant to be much more than simply learning how to "grin and bear it. That released energy can be used in deeply creative ways. Chiron himself used it to become a master healer and teacher.

People with a strong Chiron are often found in the healing fields, and bring a special ability to guide others through the difficult terrain that they themselves are familiar with. Pisces is also extremely creative, be it artistically, musically or spiritually. When we surrender to and immerse ourselves within the creative process, we are drawing on our Pisces energy. Chiron in Pisces has the potential to release some deeply moving creative energy which can have a powerfully healing effect on both creator and observer.

As Chiron goes through Pisces for the next 8 years, pay special attention to your creative impulse — that inspiration that suddenly shows you an opportunity to bring into existence something potentially wonderful, exciting, healing, beautiful, moving, enlightening or fulfilling. The entrance of Chiron into Pisces is especially interesting because it means all the Uranus-conjunct-Pluto kids born in the s are about to go through their Chiron return. Chiron return happens to everyone at around age Like any planetary return when the planet returns to its zodiacal position when you were born , it brings to the foreground the issues, themes, lessons and learning of that planet.

You have a chance to take stock of how far you've come since the last return, what you have accomplished and what still needs some work. You'll only have one Chiron return in your life unless you live to be about Chiron return brings you back to that deep wound and challenges you to take a closer look at it. There will be ways you have worked on healing your problems that have helped and other ways that haven't worked so well. It's common to come to the realization that some aspects of that woundedness will probably never be completely wiped away — and that's okay.

It doesn't mean you've failed.

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It doesn't mean life can't be fulfilling and joyful and good. This is when it helps to meditate on something like the Serenity Prayer. If you're not comfortable with the "God-word," that's fine, just leave it out or substitute something else. This isn't about religion; it's a spiritual exercise. By spiritual, I mean that it's about finding a perspective of higher meaning in your experiences, connecting to a sense of something greater than yourself, whether that is your community or nature or the universe little-u or the Universe capital-U or God s or the Cosmic Muffin.

For more information about Chiron, probably the best book on the market is Melanie Reinhart's Chiron and the Healing Journey. She takes an in-depth psychological view, which I found very relevant to the Chiron growth process. Unfortunately, the book can be difficult to find. Both Amazon. This book is definitely worth checking out, though. There's another excellent book that I highly recommend for anyone going through the mid-life transits Chiron return, Saturn opposition, Neptune square, Uranus opposition or Pluto square.

It's not an astrology book but it is mythological and archetypal in nature. In Once Upon a Midlife , David Chinen has compiled a multicultural collection of faery tales, legends and folk tales that show people in their "middle years" wrestling with the themes, issues and transformations that come up at mid-life. Chinen has a wonderful way of weaving these themes together that reassures you you're not going crazy, just evolving and growing in a way that's right on time for your age. My own sense of this book is that she presents a lot of very intriguing and insightful ideas, although she also gets into an area of extraterrestrial connection that I personally found distracting and a bit too "out there" for my taste.

However, many others have raved about the book and really relate to her "out there" ideas. You read and decide. Definitely worth checking out for the specific astrological insights alone. The amazingly multi-talented Martin Lass has also written a book about Chiron.

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Yes, that Martin Lass : the famous violinist who is also a professional astrologer — who knew? Zane presents many excellent articles by himself and others, as well as information about the other centaurs comet-like bodies that have unusual orbits in our solar system. Joyce Mason writes a blog, the Radical Virgo , that frequently talks about Chiron and she has written a great e-book called "Chiron and Wholeness - A Primer.