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Life palace is in the most important position in the twelve palaces. That is to say, the life palace is to observe the character, appearance, talent of the person. If the score of the star in this palace is in plus sign, then the one must have good life. If the score of the star in this palace is in minus sign, then the one must have bad condition natively. Mood, morale, sentiments. Friends' health, spouse's enjoyment, wealth's career. The fate in affinity is an ancient word.

In Japan, it is used to describe human relations, especially for man and woman. This word can be used to include everything. As mentioned in previous sections, this divination uses the most important palace in twelve palaces, Life Palace. This palace can show the characters, talents, and ability of people. So if we can compare man and woman with the life palace, we can understand the affinity for the couple of man and woman.

Put the stars in the twelve palace compose the whole result. With such way to view the affinity, it is precise than any other methods. If people use nine stars of the year birth to decide the first great thing in human life, it is a really boring thing. Yet if they can use life palace to deduce, then they must not feel sorry to their decisions. In general, we call the woman with Zi Wei star in the life palace as the woman of Zi Wei star.

Similarly, the man of Tian Ji or the woman of Tan Lang means the life palace of the man appears Tian Ji or the life palace of the woman appears Tan Lang. What are the personalities of the siblings? Does the person have peaceful and harmonious relations with his or her siblings? Do they get along with each other, and in what way? How do they interact? Is the predestined affinity between siblings strong or weak? What will be the future accomplishments and developments? Do the siblings help and offer assistance to each other, or do they cut each other off? Brother Palace: It can help people to understand the brothers and sisters of the questioner, the relation between brothers and the questioner.

Eldest brother, father-in-law, mother, friends' travel. How do they get along with each other? What is the personality of the spouse? The fate or chance that brings people together, is it strong or feeble? What is he spouse's appearance and looks? His or her build and bodily form? What family background and class origin does the spouse have? Should the native marry early or late in life?

What will be the state and condition of the marriage? Will the spouses be separated in life or in death? What are the capabilities of the spouse, and his or her development and growth? Marriage Palace : Early marriage or late marriage, which one is better? How about the marriage life?

Zi wei dou shu

It can be understood from the stars in this palace. It is used to observe the type of match for the questioner and observe relations of a couple. This represents the character of the spouse and correlation with spouse. Elder brother, younger brother. Will they behave or be spoilt? What are their merits and drawbacks? What are the personalities of the children? Do they have literary or artistic talent? Will they be healthy? Will there be an abortion, or a miscarriage, or the children dying young?

Also revealed is the degree of filial piety. What with children what is the approach and attitude? Does the person have a strong predestined affinity with his or her children? Much or insignificant achievements and successes? What happens while the children are growing up? This palace also unveils information about the state of the native's sex life, and whether he or she is fertile and of the ability to have children, which will be the more so possible and likely with the presence within of a guiren star or if Children resides in a peach blossom palace.

Children Palace : How about the situation of the children? How many child that you will have? All of these can be understood from the stars in this palace. It is used to observe the sexual life, reproduction and the relation to the children of the questioner. Family line genealogy - descendants, heir. Spouse's siblings, mother, father's wealth, siblings' spouse, friends' career, subordinates, students, peach blossom luck at young age. Is the person capable of managing finances?

What skill does the native have enabling him or her to earn money? Does the individual have lots of wealth and property luck? What is the person's attitude and approach to money? Does the person save or squander and waste? What will be the native's financial resource s , and will it be steady? Does the person earn money legally, or will he or she take to illicit means? Wealth Palace: The fate of wealth, suitable job can be understood from the stars in this palace. Wealth means money. This palace is used to observe the level of money earned for a person, the fate in job and money saved or not.

How you regard your own marriage, siblings' children, friends' house. What kind of sickness will befall the native? If the person is born with a defect, that part of the body will be comparatively weak. Will the individual throughout his or her life suffer major illnesses and great disasters? What part of the body will be affected?

What is the source and origin of the illness? Will the native encounter a terrible accident that makes him or her struggle between life and death? This palace may also be scrutinised to find out about an individual's mood, state of mind, morale, sentiments, feelings. It also pertains to the person's sex life. Health Palace: As to the body, if it is healthy?

It is used to observe the health or body condition of the questioner. Own character, innermost being, siblings' wealth, shophouse. What are the conditions and situation of leaving for another place, and what will be the resultant luck? The Travel palace also represents transport and traffic, communication; and interpersonal relationships, liaisons. What happens when travelling? What will take place should the native choose to emigrate? Is the person suited to make investments abroad?

Or trading, doing commerce? Travel is intimately connected to Ming. Does the person leave the country and go abroad? A trip, or a long journey? Moving house? Will the individual leave for a foreign land? The stars in the palace impart this information. Travel Palace: We can understand things about traveling, moving house or tearing oneself away from native place from the stars in this palace.

It is used to observe the ability or action that the questioner can develop, and the relation between the tour and the far distance. The good or bad of this palace depends on the score of the star that access into this palace. They should expand their talent outside actively. So, such people should leave the native family or do not change the job inherited from parents.

And this is the best thing to do. Interpersonal skill, spouse's wealth, father's friends. How does the individual make friends, and how are they treated? Is the native's interpersonal relationships pleasing and pleasant or broken and distressing? The Friends palace has to do with the individual's contemporaries, people of the same generation.

Does he or she receive help and support from friends? This palace also reveals how many servants or hired labourers the person will have, and whether the relations with them will be advantageous or ruinous. The Friends palace also represents leadership capabilities, and whether to join in with a friend and start a business or initiate an undertaking. The stars in this palace may reveal stuff about the individual's grades at school and his or her achievements and performance studying.

Friends Palace: From this palace, we can understand good or bad of human relation, and the relation between the boss and subordinates or the one and the boss. It is used to observe the good or bad luck of subordinates, younger generations and servants. Spouse's health, children's wealth, father's career. Does he or she obtain a position that is prominent and powerful, or commonplace and ordinary? How does the individual get along with the boss and colleagues? In what way is the person ambitious?

What is the amount of devotion to duty? The Career palace has to do with the native's attitude and approach to his or her occupation, projects, undertakings and activities. And what industry or business the individual is the most suited and ought to go for. What development and growth will the person have in his or her career? Is it appropriate initiating a major task, venture, or entrepreneurship, or ought the native do manual labour and commonplace work for a living? What special knowledge or ability does the individual have?

What are the condition and states of changes and alterations in one's career? Career Palace: The one who suits for what kind of job, suits for starting an enterprise or not can be understood from the stars in this palace. It is used to understand the portion of career and to observe relations between the one with elders.

For the question of jobs or being competent for a job or not, we can use this palace to have an overview. This represents the type of career that is most appropriate for a person. Romance luck, sibling's friends, children's health, ancestor house. How much property will the individual get? And what are the circumstances of changes to do with property, in addition to real estate merits and drawbacks?

Does the native have home, family and residence luck? Will he or she inherit family property, and what is its feng shui? Will it offer protection and shelter? How capable is the individual of purchasing property? The Property palace can also reveal information about the residence's environment and its surroundings and in what direction it sits and faces.

And what are the changes and alterations? The Property palace is in addition the depository and storehouse of the Wealth palace. Money is stashed and stocked. In addition to describing the surroundings and environment of the home, this palace also gives away info about one's tribe and home town and native place. Property Palace: Whether you can inherit the property from ancestor or how about the residence or the offices can be analyzed from the stars in this palace.

It is used to observe the fate in immovable property of the questioner. Siblings' career, friends' spouse. What does the person enjoy doing? What is his or her appreciations and tastes in music, literature, fashion, food, etc? What are the merits and drawbacks re the physical and material things in the life of the native? This palace can reveal details about the individual's accomplishments and self-cultivation to do with what's psychological, mental, of the mind and spirit.

The Happiness and Virtue palace has to do with the unconscious. And what is the person's interests? What is he or she fond of doing? Does the native have any hobbies? The palace also speaks of one's financial resources and sources of money. Do the ancestors offer virtue, goodness, kindness, shade and protection? In a woman's horoscope what with wedding and marriage this palace is in particular intimately bound up with the Spouse palace.

Does the individual revere and attend on the spouse? Happiness Palace: Someone works hard for all the life. Someone can enjoy affluent life. All of these relate to the stars in this palace.

It is used to observe the length of live and life fun. As to the relation between Happiness palace and fourteen stars, no matter good stars or bad stars, when the score of the star is a plus sign, then the one must live to sixty years old. Enjoyment of interest, friends' children, grandparents, children's friend. How is the person influenced by his or her parents and friends and relatives of the parents?

Are the predestined affinity and fate or chance that bring people together strong or weak? Does the native get protection and shade from the parents? What is the heritage, legacy, inheritance? This palace also describes the parents' personalities and their societal background. The Parents palace can also have to do with one's appearance, looks and health status. It may speak of sickness, diseases, injuries, wounds, etc. And what is the individual's relation with his or her boss or supervisor? How does the person get along with stuff to do with the government?

This palace also pertains to matters of school, college, educational institutions, and documents and official correspondence. Parents Palace: The life style in childhood and various conditions of the parents can be understood from the parents palace by matching with life palace and happiness palace.

It is used to observe the good or bad luck of the parents, the thickness or thinness of affinity with the parents, and whether having the benevolence from the parents for the questioner. Family line genealogy - ancestors, forefathers. Father, spouse's fix assets, children's career, friends' wealth. The Shen palace represents one's post-natal fortune, fate, horoscope.

With great effort and striving hard, frequently one is able to transform and remold one's fate and destiny. Shen Gong is a supplementary palace to Ming. In addition to Ming and the other 11 palaces, there is Shen Gong. Shen is an auxiliary palace. To find out about one's fate, the Ming palace is primarily scrutinised. It will be operative from start to finish.

It is one's pre-natal fate. But Shen will gradually become more and more important, and at the age of 35 onwards it will be in full effect. Example: If a person's Ming palace is weak, but Shen is strong, the individual will experience toil and unfavourable circumstances during his or her younger years [the first half of life], but with the arrival of the impact of a vigorous Shen palace [the second half ], gradually the native will enter the most pleasant and enjoyable stage of his or her life.

Conversely, should Ming be strong and Shen weak, first the person will meet with magnificence and abundance, afterwards experiencing a decline and the coming of feebleness. The position of Shen in the horoscope will mean an increase in good and bad luck in the matters of that area of life. Example: Should the Shen palace share palace with the Spouse palace, the auspicious and unfavourable regarding that area of life, i. Ming and Shen will be important throughout one's life. But it is also possible to use these two palaces concerning stuff to do with everyday living.

During the course of an undertaking, endeavour, venture, activity, there are frequently changes in the way one goes about conducting the matter. The Ming palace is then a representative of the first half of the process, Shen the latter half. Zi Wei and Qi Sha are in Shen. During the first half of the undertaking, the native is But during the second half, the person becomes persistent and will be of the ability to implement stuff and carrying out things. However, should the case be the other way round, there will be the instance of a strong start, but a weak finish; a tiger's head, but a snake's tail; to start off with a bang, but end up with a whimper; to begin with a flourish, but peter out towards the end.

When Shen shares palace with Ming, the direction of the individual's fate will be the most forthright and clear-cut. The person is intensely subjective. He or she does not easily receive and accept external influences. Regarding merits and demerits, contributions and errors, the native has for the most part to take sole responsibility. In the instance of Shen pairing with Ming, it is rather not easy altering fate. The individual is very much so partial to feelings, emotions, affections. The person emphasises home life. He or she has a sense of responsibility towards the family and the household.

The native will be very influenced by marriage and the spouse. The person emphasises wealth and money. In behaviour and action, money making will be the objective. The individual is easily influenced by economic stuff. The native is easily affected by changes and circumstances in the environment and his or her surroundings. There are easily changes in the person's circumstances and environment at work or where he or she lives.

The individual with Shen together with Travel does frequently take to travelling; to go out, to go away, to take a trip.

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The person has lots of professional ambition and is seriously devoted to his or her work. In behaviour and action seeking professional success will be the goal; a lifetime of pursuing accomplishments and results in one's career. The individual is easily influenced by the stuff happening at work or in his or her vocation. The person feels strongly about fame and position, official rank. The native is rather fond of what's enjoyable and brings pleasure.

The individual tends towards a happy and prosperous life; to live comfortably. He or she pays attention to living quality. The native is somewhat self-centred, self-absorbed. The individual will easily be influenced by ancestral virtue, ethics, kindness, favour; karma, preordained fate; and spiritual and moral life. The person does not necessarily take to being extravagant and squandering money. Prerequisite: Ming without any of the 14 major stars. Note: The odds that the Ming palace is without any of the 14 major stars are one sixth. It is not that rare an occurrence.

Should Ming be without major stars the person's distinguishing characteristics aren't clear and obvious. The individual does not advance in a specific direction. Note: The person is of the demeanour of grandeur and riches and honour. These two stars on either side of Ming are good for getting renown and rank in society. The son of Wen-Wang, Bo-Yi became a rabbit and disappeared in the grass. Yet his soul was brought by Venus to the heaven and lived in the world of stars. He was bestowed to handle nobleness and lived in a star full of purple roses.

Chinese put this star in the front of all the stars in horoscopy, named Zi-Wei Dou Shu. In the divination, it has the meaning of esteemed greatness and stands for kindness and nobleness. Wen-Wang, after coming back to his fief, swore to the sky to revenge his son, Bo-yi. He did many good things and remembered this lesson to build his strong country. Hence, the responsibility was taken by his second son — Wu-Wang, the brother of Bo-Yi. Wu-Wang inherited the unfulfilled wish of Wen-Wang. He trained his military everyday and engaged in farming. So, his country became stronger day by day.

Later, he got the help from his military counselor, named Jiang-Shang. As a result, Yin-Shang Dynasty became extinct. King of Wu succeeded to the throne. The world got into Chou Dynasty. The reason that Wu-Wang could conquer Chou-Wang was that he got the assistance of Jiang-Shang, the military counselor. Ziwei the Emperor - As the first star and the leader of the pact, Ziwei can be likened to a ruler, the ultimate in power. The Emperor or King, depending on your culture is most apt for describing its traits.

In Chinese the two characters Zi and Wei are one, and not to be taken separately, as I have mentioned in the very beginning, therefore it is wrong to call it anything purple because of the presence of the character Zi. Hence, the term Purple Star has no connection whatsoever with the Chinese term Ziwei. It is an honored star. The figure is heavy, strong and fat. The one is honest, modest, polite and frank. The one is capricious, suspicious, narrow-minded, and easy to act impetuously. The star means authority and haughtiness. Ziwei, of Yin Earth element, is the leader of all the stars.

It represents dignity and esteem. Likening Ziwei to an emperor personifies the quality of high ambition, far-sightedness, pride, power and might. It is one of the two natural leaders among the 14 Major Stars. However, its capacity to lead shall depend on other stars present in the Matrix Sanfang Sizheng. An emperor needs his subordinates to be present to realise his vision and carry out his plans, and this is the most important assessment for Ziwei star.

We can classify the structure of Ziwei into four grades, by looking at what are present in the Matrix. A wise and brilliant Emperor is one who gets many of his good officials in the Matrix, preferably with stars that are paired together both present, for instance, Zuofu the Left Deputy and Youbi the Right Deputy both appearing in the Matrix.

It is equally good when the pair-stars are placed in the two adjacent houses on either side of the domain. The placements of pair-stars in the two adjacent houses create the Flanking Effect, which exerts great influence to the domain concerned too. Ziwei relies completely on the work of ZuoFu and YouBi. ZouFu and YouBi flanking emporer is great product. Next, we have the grade of a capable ruler.

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It is an Emperor who finds Auspicious Stars good officials and Adverse Stars bad officials both present in the Matrix. However, the Auspicious Stars have to outnumber the Adverse Stars. The presence of imperial subordinates ensures that the ruler is capable of achievements. An isolated Emperor is one who gets no subordinates at all. It is like an Emperor who roams the wilderness alone without any accompanying officials. For a personality, this indicates one who holds pride, vision and ideology dearly, but these qualities cannot be translated into material success in life.

The worst grade is a tyrant dictator. This is when there is no Auspicious Star placed in the Matrix but many or all of the Adverse Stars are present. There can be some achievement in life, but they will be overshadowed by many failures, or drastic failures. In Self Domain, it indicates the negative personality traits of someone in power, such as arrogance, prejudice, and being extremely opinionated, domineering and dominating. Therefore, we can conclude that Ziwei the Emperor fears the lack of assistants more than its meeting Adverse Stars. Solve the distress and prolong one's life.

Looks, appearance: The native of Zi Wei has a majestic and honourable appearance. The body is thickset. The person is dignified and composed. The appearance is purple and yellow. Disposition: The individual is honest and considerate, and mature and sophisticated. He or she is polite and modest, and upright and just. Although the native is of admirable qualities, he or she is easily influenced by others.

Capable of dissolving difficulties and distress, and extending life. The Zi Wei star represents the emperor. It is of the ability to subdue and tame sha, what is baleful and malignant, and to regulate and control what's sinister and harmful. Zi Wei betokens work, occupation, undertaking, project, activity. There is the capability of doing away with distress and calamity, and extending the life span. The Zi Wei star is dependent on being saluted by other stars in the horoscope to be wholly efficient.

If there are no helping hands, the emperor is lonely and unable to fully put to use talents and skills. Should Zi Wei be alone in the chart, the emperor won't be able to pioneer a frontier area, to open up new territory. If Zi Wei is not accompanied by any of these stars in the horoscope, the native becomes irritable, ill-tempered, and impatient.

The one is experienced, modest and polite. He is smart but cannot insist personal idea firmly. He has no insistence but likes to dominate everything. Restrict and reconcile: It can reduce the influence of the Sha stars. Solve the distress: It can solve the distress of bad things. It can increase good lucky to change the disadvantageous matters. Toleration: It can solve the distress for the things that you wish not to meet. Individuality: The person of this star is a leader.

He or she is arrogant, proud, and aloof. The native is domineering. The individual emphasises what's honourable and respected; dignity and esteemed greatness. There is filial piety, obedience to one's parents. The native The Zi Wei person does not easily listen to other people. He or she is persistent and stubborn. The individual is awfully effective in leading a team to reach and accomplish its goal. The native of Zi Wei is a leader.

He or she is honourable, dignified, noble, and magnanimous. The person is of the ability to command and direct and lead. The individual is moreover capable of assuming personal responsibility; to take charge of a section. The native possesses plentiful of vitality. The individual feels superior, that there are honour and glory within, and that he or she is on a mission. The person of this star is fond handing out orders, of being a commanding officer. The native dominates and allocates; to take the reins. With Zi Wei the individual is greatly interested in having a career, and since he or she is of a powerful intention of trying, now and then the person becomes in this regard conspicuously stubborn and unbending.

The native is very subjective and of a markedly high self-respect. The individual keeps things on the inside to preserve an honourable outer surface. The person of Zi Wei does not customarily request the help of other people. He or she is of much vitality and life-force. In the instance of a predicament or difficulty, the native is able to grin and bear it; to resign oneself to adversity; to submit meekly to insults, maltreatment, humiliation.

Sometimes the person can feel lonely. The individual is fond of flattery. He or she has a 'soft ear', loving compliments. The native appreciates outer surface honour, his or her reputation and self- respect, and does not enjoy 'losing face'. He or she values pomp and ceremony; ostentation and extravagance. Zi Wei puts forth power and prestige, and the individual appears noble and grand.

Although he or she can hardly escape from being somewhat arrogant and haughty. Yet in the matter of career and occupation, the native is very effective. The person of Zi Wei is of a sympathetic heart and mind, and when other people err and make a mistake, the native is magnanimous and tolerant. In conduct and behaviour the individual is honest and sincere, and stubborn and unbending.

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