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Christmas is traditionally a time when shopping, eating and partying form a large part of the celebrations.

Astrological Correlations in Music

Yet each sign is unique in its own way, so what does it take to make this time of the year extra special for you? Aries: an active Christmas: With a low boredom threshold, just sitting around at home watching old films on television probably isn't for you Vincent Fuller is a special healer - and a new book on him claims he works directly with God. What does astrology say? What does a combust Saturn fresh in a new sign tell us of the times to come? War, fire and pestilence? The author discusses this overlooked ingress chart, in a journey through past centuries up to the current phase.

What do the period, the Great Fire of London, the Hiroshima atomic bombing and the Chernobyl disaster have in common? They were all preceded by a combust Saturn ingress in a new sign. Though I am not a psychiatrist, I trained and worked for years as an analytic hypnotherapist and had plenty of clients who came to me who felt they were indeed 'mad' or 'going mad'.

The reality was often vastly different from what they believed or had been told. Therefore, I thought it interesting to look astrologically at Vincent van Gogh's 'madness'. Van Gogh is often seen as a cast-iron example of someone, who due to their actions, such as cutting off a piece of his ear and giving it to a prostitute, could only be seen as 'mad'.

Music does have a very 'earthy' and material quality given its sonic nature and the necessity of our sense of hearing. In this unique, interactive essay, the author also reports on his findings. The reader is given a pictorial and video test on whether the Sun or Moon is on the Ascendant. With this kind of test, we can study how strong are the astrological factors in regard to appearance and disposition. The least known of the famous literary clan, she was a feminist long before feminism caught on and had an ironic eye for inequality and social injustice.

This is partly because many people do not realise that it was she, and not her elder sisters, who wrote the novels Agnes Grey and the better known The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Over four billion people worldwide are now on the Internet and astrology has adapted fast to this revolution in communications. For her PhD thesis, the author interviewed 65 professional astrologers, and analysed comments from respondents in the US and UK, on how astrology can win or lose in the networked society.

Charles Harvey

When the Sun and the Moon come together to form a solar eclipse, the Sun, from the perspective of the Earth, is covered by the Moon. Similarly, lunar eclipses form when Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, so that we can see the shadow of Earth in the sky. Is that really so? Dwarf planet Ceres can be used to define an optimal environment for maintaining or restoring health. We trust the accuracy and precision of astrology, yet paradoxically need its randomness to allow a sense of freedom. Even though increasingly powerful computer software is available to us, the accuracy of astrology still leaves a high degree of uncertainty in prediction and psychology.

It is in this area that we realise the freedom of will and individuality that is so central to modern life. Having the honour to give the Carter Memorial talk this year has been a great pleasure, because it gave me the opportunity to share the passion for my work both as an astrologer and analytical hypnotherapist. The traditional way of interpreting charts is to focus on character delineations and fated events, treating both as relatively fixed outcomes.

Research results (Abstract)

Conversely, a psychological approach views the horoscope as an evolving story that reflects a process of growth over time. Character and events are still delineated, but no longer in terms of fixed outcomes; rather, events are interpreted as vehicles for facilitating a process of characterological development. Astrology helps us to embed our lives into greater cycles. It reminds us to be humble, that our time on Earth is nothing compared with the age of the Universe and that there are other elements which are equally or perhaps more important. It is also a way of speaking with the divine. Imagine a world where the "sameness" of characteristics abound.

Try and visualise a society that is built on people with similar ideologies and philosophies, where people have comparable goals, desire the same things and have similar views on how society should be shaped and how people should behave. Now that the author has discovered the actual birth clock-time of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, a more accurate assessment of her character and destiny, as well as her relationship with Prince William, is possible.

Finding consistency in astrology is far rarer than we would like to believe. You can spend weeks, months on a promising project, and just end up with a headache. For many of us, a part of the original reason for being drawn to this sacred art of astrology is that it offers answers to personal issues or problems, particularly those based around successful relating to others. Kelly McGillion's attack , F. McGillion reply , S. Ertel - Gauquelin effects brought down to earth? Dean's dealing with stubborn facts 34 N. Kollerstrom - How Ertel rescued the Gauquelin effect 45 M.

Wackford - Global horoscopes concludes a 5-part series 64 G. Douglas - Replication of a Saturn effect with firstborns 67 S. Dean on Brady's article in Phillipson - Modern science, epistemology and astrology 24 G. Douglas - Some unexpected solar patterns in the Gauquelin data 47 P. Roberts - The nature of the planets 53 G. Dean - Planetary effects and related matters in Ertel - What is true and what is untrue? Response to Dean 62 D. McRitchie - Astrology theory and the social sciences 21 G. Douglas - Grains of silver and gold [solar effects in Gauquelin data] 33 G.

Douglas - The Gauquelin effect and birth order abstract 34 G. Stapp - Perceptions of police staff of full moon influences 66 Letters - D. Hamblin, R. Gillett, G. Phillipson 72 Launch of e-group GeomagneticCorrelation yahoogroups. The first two issues were originally photo-reduced to form an A5 booklet, but were republished in the stapled-A4 form shown here that was to become the standard format. Original title Astro-Psychological Problems became the sub-title from 5. Aims Limited by her separation and then divorce from Michel Gauquelin, but encouraged by the success of Correlation , Francoise Gauquelin launched APP in December specifically to provide a forum for the discussion of Gauquelin matters within its formal aim "to report empirical research into astrology", later "to report statistical investigations of astrology Insistence on statistical approach Francoise's many contacts within Europe, and her fluency in French, English, German and Italian led to APP having a higher European content than Correlation even though all articles were in English.

Her insistence on the statistical approach led to many discussions of methodology many more than in Correlation and the same vigorous interchange of letters to the editor averaging nearly 3 per issue, nearly always accompanied by a reply from Francoise showing her clarity of expression and vast research experience. But the liaison lasted for only three issues. In Francoise returned to France and began publishing APP again in its original format until , when ill-health forced her to discontinue.

The 15 positive results in non-Gauquelin areas were as judged by their author and were often shown by Francoise and others to be due to artifacts. Again, the results in Gauquelin areas were before the discovery of social artifacts in the Gauquelin data. There was only friendly co-operation between APP , Correlation , and AinO , and often the same authors can be found in all three.

Size of each issue As shown below, the size of each APP issue slowly increased over the years:. Number of standard pages words per APP issue Total words is abou 0. Actual words per issue will be less than pages x due to figures, tables, and partialy-blank pages. NCGR page counts exclude ads. APP page counts exclude the front cover which Francoise always counted as pages 1 and 2. It was 4-issues-per-year for the first two years, 3-per-year for the next four years, and 2-per-year after that, a total of 30 issues until , when ill-health forced Francoise to discontinue publication.

A 31st issue had been prepared but was not published. The circulation is not recorded in APP but was probably about , less for the final few issues because some of Francoise's subscriber index cards went astray during her frequent trips between San Diego, Paris, and various conference sites see APP Contents The following list of contents covers all issues of APP and totals entries, of which about one-third are editorials, book reviews, letters, and notices. To avoid confusion all variants in what follows are given as Francoise Gauquelin. Contents were usually listed under subheadings such as Current Events, Research Results, Methodology and Discussion Forum , which subheadings have been omitted here to save space.

Entries have been condensed where necessary to fit on to one line. The list includes excerpts from inaugural editorials. Freeman 07 Conference Reports by C. Harvey, M. Herm, J. Bollen 14 Character Traits Analyses by F. APP 1. Eysenck 09 Reply by S. Best 10 Choose your Science more on the above by P. Bordoni 29 The Whole is more than the sum of its parts by P. Niehenke 33 A theoretical prediction from the Gauquelins' findings by G. Douglas 35 Reply to Graham Douglas by F. Gauquelin 40 List of Gauquelin publications. Weed, J.

Reverchon 06 3rd London Research Conference report by S. Best 08 Good news from research a new VC test by G. Dean 10 Planetary types and ordinary people by W. Gauquelin 23 The Starword Program by T. Dwyer 27 The problem of replicating astrological results by U. Mees 30 The practice of astrology by B. Matthews, F. Jakubowsky 06 Results of research with the Starword Program by T. Eysenck 18 Identification of an artefact in Cosmo-planetary Research by G.

Prager 21 Drug Addiction and Horoscopes by W. Martinek 26 Comments by F. Gauquelin 29 Two notes for discussion by J.

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Reverchon 32 The two risks with statistics by F. APP 2. Smithers 12 Research in astrological factors between married couples by T. Shanks 17 Moon results with a projective test by F. Gauquelin 22 Problem of the time in previous centuries by A. Libranti 26 Summertimes in Poland by M. Karlinski 28 The planets of the astrologers by F. Gauquelin 30 Letters - M. Startup, T. Smit, B. Hansen, I. Naiman, J. Reverchon 36 Forthcoming conferences. Discepolo, M. Mauro, F. Passariello 11 A new test of zodiac signs by B. Riley 15 Computer update by C. Miles 17 Time changes in Switzerland by M.

Blackwell 22 The Mars Effect and its evaluation by H. Eysenck 27 Response to Eysenck's evaluation by M. Truzzi 28 Critique of C. Jung's astrological experiment by J. Ashmun 33 Letters - R. Ostrander, M. Karlinski, J. Reverchon, A. Muller, F. Jakubowsky, R. Smit 35 George 0. Abell obituary 36 Forthcoming conferences. Shanks and B. Mees 21 What is the Inventor's Temperament? Gauquelin 29 Letter from F. Gauquelin's The Truth About Astrology. Gauauelin 12 Time Changes in Germany by F. Gauqueiin and F.

Jacob 14 Astronomical Expectancy by J. Holden 17 A Study on Marriages by C. Kuypers 20 Comments by F.

October 12222

Gauquelin 22 Feyerabend on astrology research by J. Falbronn 28 The Myth of Saturn by G. Mirti 31 Letters - I. Grabmayr, C. Parsons, W. Holzhauser 33 Reviews of M. Startup PhD thesis , Bender's matching experiments. APP 3. Burmyn 15 The search for the Lesbians' planet by F. Gsuqoelin 19 A study on marriages: reply to F. Gauquelin by C. Kuypers 20 The nycthemeral expectancy by F. Skepski 27 Algorithms for evaluating significance levels by G.

Dean 34 The Myth of Jupiter by G. Mirti 37 Letters - K. McRitchie, S. Porter, G de Penguern, A. Richter, J. Halbronn, M. Startup, R. Gauquelin 09 The origins of negativity and sexism in astrology by S. Jordan and J. Reynolds 11 Planetary position and personality, how tight is the relationship?

Stark 16 Sixty-eight birth charts of terrorists by L. Squitieri 22 Statistical studies into astrology 1 Clarifications by D.

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Valente 25 Time changes in Canada by J. Vosper 27 The case of Ontario by F. Gauquelin 29 Planets, statistics, alpha-errors, and Bayes by D. Wendt 33 Review of Planetary heredity: a reappraisal on 50, subjects by D. Nias 35 Reply by F. Gauquelin 42 Letters - T. Dwyer, T. Weed, G de Penguern, W. Shanks 18 Death by Traffic Accident by C. Kuypers 22 A control for the above by F. Hewit 35 More precisions about Gauquelin Sectors by F. Gauquelin 37 Time Changes in Greece by G. Blackwell 41 Letters - H. Braitsch, J. Hoen, G. Kaminski, K. McRitchie, T. Weed, T. Koberl, M. APP 4. Gauquelin 07 Critique of this test by Prof H.

Eysenck 09 Critique of this test by T. Weed Hamilton 13 Astronomical problems and aspects again by F. Gauquelin 26 Brief discussion of the Gauquelin research by Z. Dobyns 28 Student's t test by F. Gauquelin 30 Time changes in Denmark by C. Borap and N. Hasseloy 31 Time changes in Norway by L. Frederiksen 32 Time changes in Sweden by I. Wilhelm 34 Data accuracy checks of Gauquelin data 38 Letters - S.

Ertel, G de Penguern, M. Pottenger, G. Douglas, M. Urban-Lurain, J. Costa Ribeiro, D. DeMarco, F. Gauquelin 14 Comments on the astrological aspects by Prof A. Muller 17 Astrology, the false testimony of the cosmos by P. Weed, I. Wilhelm, R. Armstrong, G de Penguern, J.

Goetz 40 Review of MG's replication of the six geometric figures test. Eysenck 12 How strong are planetary effects for ordinary people? Stark 18 A test of sidereal sign delineations by A. Blackwell 22 Election to government ministries and transits by G. Bordoni, C. Discepolo, V. Gauquelin 33 Georg Tannstetter, pioneer of empiricism in astrology by F.

Stuhlhofer 35 Time changes in Eire by S. Lindsay and D. Monks 37 Correlation coefficients by F. Gauquelin 39 Data accuracy checks of Gauquelin data 40 The computer as a tool fcr research by M. Pottenger 43 Personal perspective by Z. Dobyns 46 Reviews no details because pages are missing from reference copy 54 back cover Authors of the last two years of APP. APP 5. Eysenck 09 A critical look at a recent study of aspects by M. Gauquelin 15 Reply to Michel Gauquelin's criticisms by F. Gauquelin 19 Analyzed by decades, the aspect effect increases by F.

Gauquelin and T. Shanks 26 Modern births in Germany by L. Skapski and P. Commons 36 Data accuracy checks of Gauquelin data 40 Letters - S. Ertel, F. Stark, J. Gauquelin's analysis of its outcomes negative 15 Replication of the "Gauquelin-effect" with ordinary people, by F. Stark 23 male homosexuals from Brazil by F.

Gauquelin, A. Costa-Ribeiro, M. O'Neill 30 When the time of birth is not the natural one by F.

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  • Gauquelin 36 Local Apparent Time by A. Blackwell 39 Do you mean apparent? Pottenger 41 Update of time changes international abbreviations for time zones 42 Letters - J. Filbey, M. Gauquelin 18 More data of Homosexuals by F. Lehman, A. Valentiner 32 Astrological Research and Science: some wrong attitudes by P. Kordts 42 Anecdotal vs Scientific Research: the difference by M. Urban-Lurain 47 Letters - R. Pestka, K. Irving, M. O'Neill, N. At the end of Francoise Gauquelin issued the above cumulative index, which occupied seven A4 pages photo-reduced to A5.

    For access, astrologers join a progressed synastry Facebook group and download a free Windows 10 desktop app that produces graphs, matrices and a report. American Federation of Astrologers. Association for Astrological Networking. International Society for Astrological Research. National Council for Geocosmic Research. Organization for Professional Astrology. Aspects Considered Among the progressed synastry aspects considered in the study were natal Sun and natal Venus, natal Sun and progressed Venus, progressed Sun and natal Venus and progressed Sun and progressed Venus. He is a former news reporter, publicist and public relations executive who has studied astrology for many years.

    Related Posts Astrology in the 22nd Century? When it comes to dismissing astrology, modern critics can be relied upon to rally around familiar talking points. These dwell on reasons why the public should not be tricked into believing astrology is a credible Ironically, the foremost astrological researcher of his generation left the earthly plane without realizing that the voluminous collection of timed birth